Green Believers Social Equity Incubator is a network featuring prominent and nationally recognized cannabis leaders, advocates, medical professionals, scientist, cultivators, extractors, attorneys, CPAs, faith-based leaders, and entrepreneurs that provides social equity candidates the experience and tools needed to enable rapid, exponential growth and success.

Established in Los Angeles, we seek social equity owners who possess unique, disruptive ideas and aim to convert these ideas into thriving local businesses. We help you and your company navigate the challenging path from concept to growth. From illegal to legal.

Want help achieving your goals . . ..

Profits with a Purpose. 

Our mission is to give social equity entrepreneurs and businesses alike the tools and guidance to build local successful companies and brands.


Have an idea for starting a cannabis business?
Looking to expand an existing business? Want information about access to capital for your next green project?

Green Believers can show you how to
raise the money for your start-up business idea. We specialize in financial literacy, training and coaching for cannabis social equity business-types in Los Angeles County.


GB specializes in preparing new cannabis investors and businesses for the wildly unpredictable world of cannabis regulation and operations. GB partners with industry experts on all things cannabis. From licensing to growing, staffing and team building, cash management and technology, to generally creating a profitable cannabis business, Green Believers team of knowledge experts are here to guide your success.


You've found your tribe. We are connected to business leaders, environmentalists, community activists, medical cannabis doctors, farmers, and investors - WE BELIEVE IN ALL THINGS CANNABIS FOR SOCIAL GOOD.


Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition 
The CWCBExpo is a leading business-to-business trade show event for the legalized cannabis industry. It is held 3 times per year in the largest media, financial, and business markets: New York, Los Angeles, and Boston. We just wrapped up the NYC show and it was a HUGE success! Los Angeles is scheduled from September 26-28 and Boston from October 24-26.

Green Believers is a local media partner. Promoting 'Believers' to attend and engage! Stay connected.


Get Certified & Legal

Our Green Believers Certification assists our members in assuring they receive the latest technical assistance and knowledge from local and state legislation to business development and cannabis accounting. Membership includes discounted tickets to symposiums, trade-shows, and Green Believers Insiders News.

How to Run a Legal Dispensary

Green Believers and Whitey Enterprises - Only 40 spots available. We assist illegal operators
get legal. Enforcement is here! 
Be on the right side of the law. Class are on Sunday's in the LA Area
Click now to register.

  • Brainstorm with Mentors
  • Unlock keys to a legal Dispensary
  • Brainstorm with Mentors


Just getting your feet wet? Need to know what you are getting into? This course is for you.

Industry Experts, cover Everything You Need to Know About the Cannabis Business. (i.e. grow tips for your six plants; get a cannabis career, ancillary cannabis biz opportunities, retail operation tips from an OG, keep your license and grow).

  • Take your idea out the box
  • Launch your Cana-Brand
  • Professional Trainers


Events & Key Dates

Join Green Believers at Local Cannabis & Social Equity Events

Green Believers Incubator Social Equity Program

All classes held at 3320 S. Central, LA 90011 unless otherwise stated.*Indicates class at another location – read carefully.

These classes are required for all SE Owners/Incubatees.



Wed. May 15th - 6pm to 8pm - Creating Your Website – Bring your laptop, Bring Images and Photos, Logo; Members only.

Sun. May 19th- 2pm to 4:30 pm - Social Media Training – Marketing Your Business and Services - Bring Laptops

Wed. May 22nd - 6pm to 8pm - General Meet-up - Open Meeting
General Attendance Open to Public (Marketing Topic)

Wed. May 29th - 6pm to 8pm - Safety, Licensing and Compliance Updates & Finding Your Real Estate – Bring laptops

Sun June 2nd - 10am – 5pm - 151 Farm Field Trip San Diego
$50.00 to rideshare (click to register). Only 12 spots.
Must sign up by May 22nd. 
Next Trip will be in July.

Thurs June 13th - 1pm-4pm - Computer Track & Trace Presentation by Developer *- Location is Slauson and Central shopping center training center - Members only - Bring laptops

Sun June 23rd- 2pm - 4:30pm -Retail Dispensary – Set up and Design, Operations, Budget Part 1 - Bring laptops – Whitey Enterprise

Sun June 30th- 2pm - 4:30pm - Retail Dispensary – Set up and Design, Operations, Budget Part 2 - Bring laptops – Whitey Enterprise

Contact Us: 323-238-0445 or info@thegreenbelievers.com
These classes are required for all SE Owners/Incubatees.

Information powerpoint on state's track and trace system 

Click here for details.

4th Wednesday Every Month - 6pm-8pm

May 15th , May 29th, June 5th, June 12th and June 19th

Want to get into the Adult Commercial and/or Medical Cannabis Business? Connect with top business and policy leaders in Cannabis. Networking. Resources. Business Development. Experienced Leadership. GBs Incubator Program for Social Equity populations is open in Los Angeles.

Welcome new and experienced cannabis entrepreneurs, Medical Marijuana patients, Investors, Plant Lovers, and Enthusiasts. Pot, parents, and families. Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Show. . . Really dope people.

GBs Cannabis Talk Podcast is Educational and Informative. 
Weekly 2pm-3pm PST
Listen to Weekly Archives
Listen Live @ www.acceleratedradio.net
Download on:   Google Play Itunes or Spotify
– search Green Believers podcasts

Are You a City of LA Phase 2 SE Applicant? 

If you filled out of Phase 2 in 2018 due to lack of fees, then contact us. We can help you

Need: Site assistance, Raising Capital or Technical Assistance?

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If you are interested in Retail Licensing Phase 3, then contact us. We can help you.

Need: Coaching, Real Estate, Brand Development, Raising Capital or Affordable Legal Services? 

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